Y2K11 – what’s on the RRP radar…

Posted on 31 January 2011 | No responses

In a word: Plenty.

We are not a sit-around band. Oh no. We are an ever-evolving finely-tuned musical machine. And we’re hard at work on some new tunes that will put a little more ROCK in this Project. Here are the top 3 things you can expect from RRP in 2011:

  1. Additional songs in the arsenal. As previously insinuated, there are some new sounds erupting from our instruments that feel a little like previous RRP songs and a lot like awesome. We’re crafting some seriously neat noises that will make your other four senses jealous that they weren’t born ears.
  2. Exceptional levels of entertainment. While we may stick to our semi-monthly live show m.o., we can guarantee that if you choose to bless us with your presence at one of this year’s gigs, we will rock your flip-flops right off.
  3. Magical surprise-like things. OK, so there’s only so much a band can do to surprise you, right? I mean, we write songs we like and hope you do too, and we play out and pray you show up. But there’s something very promising about an authentic commitment to making more effort and taking more time to refine your art. At the end of the effort, we think we might just surprise you with a whole new degree of fantastic-ness.

So keep it tuned here and let us know how you’re feeling about it all.


A party…

Posted on 9 July 2010 | No responses

Summer is officially under way and RRP has been enjoying every bit of it!  Somewhere in all that we’ve been working on new material and getting ready for the upcoming CD release show at Cicero’s in St. Louis on July 17th.  Although technically we released our first CD to the world back in January, we wanted to put on a show and give our fans an opportunity to come out, have a great time and pick up a CD for only $5 (if you come to the show).  We’re planning on playing the CD in it’s entirety at the show, as well as three new songs yet to be recorded and some old favorites we haven’t played in a while.  We’re looking forward to seeing all our friends who come out to the show!  Joining us on stage will be Michael Kendrick and the Blue-eyed Sons and Maximillian Williams, it’s going to be a great night of entertainment!

Spring is In the Air!

Posted on 26 March 2010 | No responses

So… it’s been a month or better since we’ve done a little writing, but hopefully you’ve been following us on all our other media avenues (Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, MusicGorilla, ReverbNation, iLike, Last.FM, etc.).  We’ve had a good February and March and the rest of spring and into summer is looking great.  We had a great show at The Library (Soulard area of St. Louis) back in February, it was great to play there and we had a photographer, Peter Wochniak (http://bit.ly/d4mL5H), come and take shots from the show, had Peter do promo pics for us, and finished up a show this past Wednesday night at Cicero’s (University City Loop), with 3 great bands: Floating Action from Black Mountain, NC, :: Middle Distance Runner from Washington D.C., and The Most Average from St. Louis.

We’re also now working with Jeff “Classic” Popka from the Chicago area, who hosts an online radio talk show weekly, Indie On Air!  Today’s show airs live at 12:30pm, and will open with a Rutherford Rock Project tune!  If you can’t catch the live show, they’re archived so you’ll be able to catch it.  We’re excited to be collaborating with Classic and looking forward to the opportunities.

Quit Wasting Tape has been out for a couple months now, selling on iTunes, Amazon, etc. and we also have CDs available as well.  At current if you’re interested, please email us and we’ll make arrangements, we’ll soon have them for sale online.  You can also get a CD from Amazon as well.

Thanks to all our great fans, all our new fans, and all the fans yet to come.  We’re having fun and we hope you are as well!  We’ll see you soon!

On Track

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Great things abound for us!  We’ve successfully launched our debut album (in case you hadn’t heard), had a couple great shows in the past couple of weeks, response from our phenomenal fans and some new ones we’ve gained along the way  has been more than we could’ve asked for.  Thanks to Cicero’s and The Library for hosting the shows… and much thanks to Highway Heat, Trestle and Behlevue for sharing the stage with us.

As we move through February, we’re working on some new song ideas that are magically coming, we’ll planning on some more dates to appear live, competing in a fun competition on ourstage.com and we’ll have our physical CDs back from the manufacturer by the end of the month!

We’ve got some new photos up on Facebook and Myspace, check us out on Last.FM (join up and listen to RRP radio!)…  We’re continually updating our website, so come back often.  You’ll notice we’ve added the streaming music to the site!  Soon we’ll have a forum and picture gallery…  all in due time.

In the meantime, sit back, throw on the copy of Quit Wasting Tape that you just purchased, relax and enjoy!

Wow! What a Night!!!

Posted on 28 January 2010 | No responses

Absolutely a great show last night at Cicero’s.  We are floored by the number of fans who came out to support us, we are so grateful, you guys are awesome!!!  It was really cool looking out at the sea of people that came to see us!

It’s official, Quit Wasting Tape is now for sale!  Technically it’s been available for a couple weeks, but it’s out now on iTunes, so we’re formally announcing it!  Make sure you go and get a copy and leave a great review!!!

We’re still working on getting the physical CDs printed up, we should have those ready by mid-February!

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