Y2K11 – what’s on the RRP radar…

In a word: Plenty.

We are not a sit-around band. Oh no. We are an ever-evolving finely-tuned musical machine. And we’re hard at work on some new tunes that will put a little more ROCK in this Project. Here are the top 3 things you can expect from RRP in 2011:

  1. Additional songs in the arsenal. As previously insinuated, there are some new sounds erupting from our instruments that feel a little like previous RRP songs and a lot like awesome. We’re crafting some seriously neat noises that will make your other four senses jealous that they weren’t born ears.
  2. Exceptional levels of entertainment. While we may stick to our semi-monthly live show m.o., we can guarantee that if you choose to bless us with your presence at one of this year’s gigs, we will rock your flip-flops right off.
  3. Magical surprise-like things. OK, so there’s only so much a band can do to surprise you, right? I mean, we write songs we like and hope you do too, and we play out and pray you show up. But there’s something very promising about an authentic commitment to making more effort and taking more time to refine your art. At the end of the effort, we think we might just surprise you with a whole new degree of fantastic-ness.

So keep it tuned here and let us know how you’re feeling about it all.


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