A 4-piece acoustic rock band, with some electric thrown in for good measure, from St. Louis, Missouri. Formed originally as the husband-wife acoustic duo of Rebecca and Jason Rutherford, they recruited the assistance of a rhythm section, Jerry Haines (bass) and Kevin Dager (drums) and after being prompted to perform outside of the basement, a resounding “I suppose” was shouted out.

Drawing inspiration from everyday lunacy, resulting in a cornucopia of song topics that cover the unexpectedness of meeting your soul mate in a dive bar; having a relationship with someone that isn’t aware that you do and complainers with their correlating apathy… a new album was recorded and released to the masses, Quit Wasting Tape, is a collection of sweet sounds inspired by: attraction, affection, rejection, over-drinking, under-liking, apathy, envy, bliss, desire, boredoom, and the flat-out distaste for cheesy stalker-esque pop songs!

A band that has fun making music, fun sharing the creativity and just laughing at life and all the humorous oddities that it supplies!

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