The Beginning

Posted on 16 January 2010 | No responses

Well after deciding to “try” for a while, we sat down together over some of those adult beverage products bottled here in St. Louis and said “let’s record!”  And so it began…

Seven months after the scratch tracks were assembled, we have now successfully released our first album, Quit Wasting Tape. (In case you hadn’t seen anything about that on the rest of the site).  Yep, available on several online retailers (iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody & more), a few of them have it in stock at the moment and the others will have it available in the coming days and weeks ahead.  We’re also assembling some actual CDs (remember those things?) and they should be ready first part of February. will also have CDs available soon (they have the mp3 download available now).

We’re looking forward to the show on the 27th at Cicero’s… we re-arranged our timeslot and took the opening, looking out for our working fans that have to be up early the next day to make money so they can buy our album.  :)   We’ll see you all then!!! Woo hoo!!!

Happy New Year!

Posted on 6 January 2010 | No responses

Welcome to the new RRP blog site.  Exciting things are happening this year for us, new site and new album out!  The album will be available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon mp3, and more… we’ll have the complete list for you!  We’re also planning on having CDs (yea, ya know those antique coaster looking things) printed up as well for purchase!

We look forward to seeing all of our fans more this year in person, plus meeting and making new fans and friends!  So tell everyone you know to grab a copy (or at least a song or two) from the new album and come see us live!

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